Live: Deaf to Van Gogh’s Ear – All My Heroes Are Weirdos

Deaf to Van Gogh's Ear

Deaf to Van Gogh’s Ear are a percussive experimental post-rock band from Manchester. I’ve been banging on and on about these lot to all and sundry, championing them as the most exciting thing to come out of the Manchester DIY circuit for years. Did anyone listen? Well, maybe one or two but the rest of you should be ashamed. They are unashamedly art-rock, but without the wanky 6th form pretentiousness that often accompanies such a label. They have a sound that combines, at times, complete atonal confusion with the odd beautiful melody that sets them on fire. Crafting noise with drums, 2 guitars, a synth, bass, as well as various bells and whistles with just 4 members is quite an achievement, and they make a noise that really defies their audience size.

Manchester is going through a wonderful shift at the moment. For the past few years, Manchester bands have been been trading on the past, re-living the glory days of Oasis and Madchester (Let’s fookin’ ave it, safe arr’ kid, etc..) but now there is a huge scene about to explode from the underbelly of the city. Bands like Deaf to Van Gogh’s Ear and Beat The Radar are the future of Manchester music. Bringing lo-fi innovation and a complete non-Manchester sound to the city and helping sculpt the next chapter of this fine town’s already bursting musical biography.

Deaf to Van Gogh’s Ear have the potential to be huge. They’re just weird enough to capture the attention of anyone, but not so weird that they alienate people.

Fantastic stuff. The most genuinely exciting band in Manchester at the moment.





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3 responses to “Live: Deaf to Van Gogh’s Ear – All My Heroes Are Weirdos

  1. Dean

    Totally agree, like the Math rock/ Joan of Arc experimental influence they have going on. Still haven’t managed to see them live though. I think along with Young British Artists they are my favourite new local band.

  2. Gaz

    Great stuff, although bulkin them in with beat the radar is way off. Theyve been averaging about 1,500 plays a day on myspace pretty good for a band with only 700 friends. How do they manage it! good luck to them i say.

  3. I wasn’t saying they have musical similarities with BTR, I was giving them as an example of another Manchester band that are on the cusp of a new musical revolution in this fair city.

    Great band.

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