Weezer – Raditude


Rivers Cuomo is 39 years old, yet after listening to this record you’d think it had been made by a skateboard riding, comic book reading 17 year old sexually frustrated middle high student from California. I am a fan of Weezer, they’ve made some great pop rock records (2001’s Green Album being my personal favourite), but seriously, ‘dude’, grow the hell up a bit yeah and act your age. Listening to someone old enough to be my dad sing lyrics like “I can’t stop partying, partying, partying…if you’re looking for me I’m in VIP…all the girls in the corner gettin’ loose..” is so cringeworthy and it took all my effort to keep my breakfast down.

I’ll tell you what this album is. You know that barrage of American ‘College Comedy’ films that came out about 10 years ago? American Pie, Road Trip (I actually like that one), etc, well Raditude is a soundtrack to those films. The opening credits where it shows a clean campus, 18 year old students being played by actors in their 30’s, beautiful sunshine everywhere and everyone is good looking (apart from the one token nerd, obvious), well consider that image and stick this album on. It fits perfectly. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it isn’t 1999 anymore, and Weezer aren’t a young band. This kind of music has already been done to death by the likes of Vandals and, err…Weezer… over 10 years ago. Let it lie.

The thing is, Cuomo undoubtedly has significant songwriting talent. He’s also obviously not taking himself seriously here, and it is very probably the case that the youthful energy and attitude demonstrated in Raditude is more a reflection on his youth than him simply him not wanting to grow up. Having said that, until he comes out and gives an answer either way we’ll never know. Unfortunately, as it is right now, the impression I get is that this record is Rivers Cuomo screaming ‘midlife crisis’ from the rooftops. Which is a great shame, as I was hoping for an improvement over the throwaway pop-pop dross that was The Red Album.



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