Live: Grizzly Bear – Manchester Cathedral

Had last night’s gig been held anywhere else but the beautiful setting of Manchester’s Cathedral, it would’ve been just any old (not too exciting) show. As it was though, Grizzly Bear‘s music was appropriate for the location. Lots of jazz soaked jamming combined with hymn sounding wailing made for an interesting, if not a little uncomfortable listening experience. Grizzly Bear are without a doubt very talented musicians but last night I just didn’t ‘get’ it. Perhaps it was the Wilco comedown from the night before, perhaps it was the freezing cold, or the fact that the promoters oversold the show meaning I could see pretty much nothing. Who knows.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Grizzly Bear, I will admit. I went to the show last night because they’re one of those bands that I felt I should make the effort to check out, rather than actually being that bothered about it. While enjoyable enough, every song kind of sounded the same to a degree and I did find my mind wandering quite a lot throughout the set. Perhaps if it was seated (as originally intended) it would have been different. My departing thoughts of the show were ‘great location, too busy, Grizzly Bear – lots of talent but no big hook for me’.



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  1. 4.5/10? What would Pitchfork say!?

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