Beat The Radar – To The City, From The Sea


Regular readers will already be aware of the fact that we absolutely love Beat The Radar. Singles Telephone Conversation and 18,19,20,21,22 were a great taste of what was to come from BTR, and a much needed kick up the arse to the Manchester indie scene. Once again, Akoustik Anarkhy have pulled it out of the bag and released a proper stomper of an album. Beat The Radar are quite hard to define. They have the jangle-pop of Johnny Marr, the rhythm section of early Bloc Party and the balls-out energy of The Cribs all wrapped up in a perfectly formed and distinctly powerful album that shows just how good these guys are at writing a good old northern ‘bangin tune’.

I remember the first time I saw BTR, it was at the Piccadilly Gardens Hotel, in the dirty basement. I was hungover and drunk at the same time, just as I had been so many times at Akoustik Anarkhy nights there in previous years. BTR encapsulate the real spirit of aA. They’re raw, energetic, passionate, a bit nerdy and are just doing their thing without any consideration for image or ‘indie’ fashion. Just as it should be. Get involved, as they say.



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