Live: Mr. Scruff – Band on The Wall

Mr. Scruff, Local hero and probably the hardest working DJ in the business has relocated his Keep It Unreal night to the recently renovated Band on The Wall in Manchester. Last night was the ‘housewarming party’, the first in a long run of monthly Mr. Scruff events (including New Year’s Eve!) and if yesterday was any indication, one of the hottest tickets in Manchester. The entire venue was transformed for one evening into a whole new little world, complete with tea room, mood lighting and chillout lounge.

I’ve been to a fair number of events at Band on The Wall since the grand re-opening and last night by far was the best atmosphere and best use of their incredible sound system yet. The music was a wonderful mix of jazz, funk, soul and house, with a good mix of tunes to both have a dance to and retire to the tea lounge and relax to. Mr. Scruff played solidly from 9pm to 3am, without a break and without any support/warmup act. Not many musicians or DJ’s have the stamina (or record collection) to do that, and this is a sure sign of a guy who really enjoys his work. For those casual observers who aren’t usually into jazz, soul, funk or disco, going to a Mr. Scruff night can be a wonderfully fun education into a whole new world of music that you’d not usually encounter. The bringing together of so many different people on one level was almost magical, and without sounding too hippyish is the sign of a true DJ with a real talent.

I caught up with Mr. Scruff one typically sunny November Manchester afternoon and had a bit of a chat. Here’s a few minutes of us chatting about music, tea, biscuits and jazz nerds:

(Mr. Scruff interview – download)


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