Live: Serpentine Pad + Sleepy Sun – Retro Bar

Friend Rock has previously described Serpentine Pad as “The loudest thing we’ve ever fucking heard”. I mean that, of course, in a good way. They’re loud, yes, but put that aside for a second and you’ll find they have  a depth and harmonic quality to them that really shines through. Serpentine Pad are a gang of very talented musicians, and are probably the most prolific band since Ryan Adams’ pop-punk project Pinkheart Revolution. With one self produced album already out, countless demos and another album on the way, this is a band that really have the momentum to become a driving force in Manchester’s exploding DIY post-punk scene. to the main attraction, San Francisco’s Sleepy Sun. Part Jefferson Airplane, part Black Angels, Part Brian Jonestown Massacre, part Mazzy Star, this is a band very obviously proud of where they’re from. In fact, it would be impossible for this band to be from anywhere but SF. With dreamy licks, droning reverb and a singer so involved in the music it looked like she was, at times, about to have a fit, Sleepy Sun would not look out of place on stage at Woodstock. Having said that, there were none of the stereotypical ‘psychedelic’ images that you might expect from such a band. These guys are the real deal. Newly signed to ATP Records, the future looks bright for them.

Oh, and the singer is a lovely girl called Rachel. We shared a cigarette (American Spirits…what else?) and it is a moment the sad little fanboy in me will treasure for a while to come…



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