Live: Air Cav – A Christmas Congregation

Air Cav have been gigging around Manchester (and beyond) for years. I was in fact at their very first gig in a dirty sweaty Zumeba (R.I.P) ‘back in the day’, when a typical Friday night was watching Loose Canon at the ‘Gardens and the hot new things in Manchester were Polytechnic and Jim Noir. Those were the days. Remember Pie Match?

This is how I felt last night. Watching Air Cav belt out some cracking new songs, as well as some old classics such as the stomper A Call To Arms (still, even now, one of my favourite tracks to come out of a new Manchester band for years) filled me with an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The crowd were different, the venue was different but hearing those songs transported me back to 2005. Remembering this gig, that gig, this party, that night. Those were good, fun, carefree times and I had the time of my life. Air Cav probably sum up that era in Manchester’s DIY scene more than any other band, for me.

That is not to say that they are somehow ‘indie dinosaurs’. Far, far from it. With an album in the making next year and a development of their sound into something entirely on another level (I can just imagine a Polyphonic Spree style choir backing them one day) Air Cav have well and truly battered the wall down between the part-time and the professional. I’ve been saying it for years and it still holds true. One day, they’ll be bloody huge. And deservedly so.



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