Auletta – Meine Stadt

Recently signed to EMI and with a track on the Fifa 10 soundtrack (along with The Whitest Boy Alive and The Answering Machine – top video game tuneage), the future looks bright for one of my most recent German discoveries. Edgy art-rock guitars reminiscent of Franz Ferdinand but with more testosterone fade into slightly ‘messier’ chorus chord-slashing that makes me think of The Libertines back when they were innocent (okay, well just less guilty than they ended up). You might think, by that description that I find them a bit derivative. Well, yes, they are – there’s no great musical innovation here. They wear their influences on their sleeve and aren’t afraid to show it – like so many German bands whose primary influence is British indie rock/pop. Unlike some other bands I’ve reviewed recently (See here and here and here for examples of a band so thick and full of themselves they completely missed the point of objective criticism. Anyway…I digress…) Auletta do this with a degree of fun and tongue-in-cheek charm that really works. This is music to listen to while having a beer getting ready to go out, to listen to with your mates and have a good time to. There’s no need to overthink it, which is exactly why I’ll stop writing now.

Auletta are currently on tour and are playing the marvellous Magnet club in Berlin on March 4th. With a bit of luck I’ll be there. Who fancies it?



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