Adam Green – Minor Love


I never quite know what to make of Adam Green, New York City’s most popular export of the Anti-Folk scene. He, along with Kimya Dawson (everyone’s favourite angst ridden twee singer-songwriter. Lads – girls love her. Girls – lads love girls who love her) was a founding member of The Moldy Peaches, who around the turn of the century changed the face of what was then considered ‘folk’ music. They took away the pipe and slippers and replaced it with the beer bottle and the bong. After a series of hilarious yet touching solo records (the highlight being 2005’s Gemstones), Adam Green seems to have grown up somewhat with the last few albums.

Jacket Full of Danger, Sixes and Sevens, and latest release Minor Love show that there is a serious songwriter behind the cartoon character. While this is all well and good, what really made Adam Green appeal to me in the first place was his ability to pen a hilarious and darkly comic lyric with a wonderfully poppy tune. This has now been diluted, and resulting sound is really just an essence of what Adam Green is really about.

I sense that this is intentional on his part – no longer content with being an ‘indie jester’, he obviously wishes to be considered a more serious songwriter, with a higher level of maturity. This is to be commended, and though he does run the risk of alienating a fairly big chunk of his audience in doing this, he’s going out of his comfort zone and trying something different. Not all artists bother to do this.


Adam Green is playing at Club Academy on February 1st.


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