The 22-20’s – Latest Heartbreak

I hope you’re as excited as I am – one of my favourite bands are reforming. The 22-20’s. (you must remember them. Almost indie darlings of 2004 that only *just* didn’t quite make it).

Quite why half-arsed second raters Kings of Leon became so big yet far better contemporaries (namely The 22-20’s and one of New York City’s most exciting bands The Witnesses) didn’t I find baffling, to the point of almost rage (people who know me will be all too aware of my opinions on this). It’s great to see The 22-20’s return and I can’t wait to hear more from them. January, so far, has been a great month for music.

They’ve sneakily stuck up a new track, Latest Heartbreak on their (pretty much deserted) MySpace page. Keeping true to their gutsy blues rock roots, and with an even more psychedelic edge reminiscent of The Black Angels, if this is anything to go by then I for one am very, very excited about any potential new material or live dates. Stay tuned!


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