Live: Adam Green – Club Academy

I’ve seen Adam Green a good few times and have so many great memories of his shows. The time in college when I had to sneak an underage girl into the show at Night & Day. The time at Leeds festival when we were dancing like idiots, loaded on cheap whiskey and rolling in the grass. The time in Germany when hundreds of people stormed the stage, went mental then disappeared right after his set. All unforgettable nights of entertainment. This show was a little more refined, but still with the same mischievous cheek that makes him so unique. Dressed like a camp Elvis Presley and jumping around like a maniac, crowd surfing at every opportunity, one thing you can’t accuse Adam Green of is being boring.

I was a little worried that he’d only play his new material (new album Minor Love being what they call ‘a grower’) but what we got was a brilliant cross section of his entire back catalogue, with tracks being played from every album. Even including a closing medley featuring his classic cover of The Libertines’ What A Waster.

Entertaining from start to finish, there wasn’t a single lull in the entire set. Everyone left with a smile on their face. The perfect antidote to an otherwise dreary Monday night in Manchester.

Or, as he put it, Man-chest-hair.


Thanks go to Roxie Walton at Rough Trade Records.


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One response to “Live: Adam Green – Club Academy

  1. Hey glad you enjoyed it too. I’d never seen him before and it was a totally unexpected pleasure. Great review

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