Live: The Low Anthem & David Ford – Academy 2

I gave a rather complimentary review of The Low Anthem’s Oh My God, Charlie Darwin record a while back, and I stand by it. It’s a beautiful little thing. However, translated live I can’t help but observe that as talented a band as they are they don’t quite know who they want to be. Part of their set is pleasant americana folk that reminds me of Iron & Wine and The Jayhawks, part is whiskey soaked blues with a Tom Waits twist, and another part is out-and-out folk that would be more suited to a Donovan set. While all of these are certainly valid starting points, I feel that The Low Anthem should sit down and think about exactly who they want to be, and try to amalgamate these different influences into their own form of music. I suppose what I’m trying to say is their sound is quite disjointed, which after a while can become somewhat irritating.

David Ford was the support for tonight. I’m quite a fan and have seen him before. Tonight though, he stuck to the traditional singer-songwriter side of his music, which although quite nice to listen to, isn’t as appealing to me as his more comedia theatrical plauyful side (such as the PowerPoint presentation he did at Band on The Wall before Christmas, which demonstrated precisely how shit Lady GaGa is).



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