The Music: Getaway (Slow Version)

The Music are one of those bands who became almost famous. Just think how massive their contemporaries Kasabian are now. The Music were doing bigger, better and more interesting things than Kasabian could ever aspire to (having said that, I do like Kasabian, with the exception of the dreadful second album).

I found this track on a music forum and thought it well worth a mention. It’s five years old, so hardly news to fans of The Music, but I absolutely love the way they have completely changed the sound of what was already a brilliant song into something totally different. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

For anyone new to The Music (shame on you!) or fans who’ve only heard the original 2005 release, this is 6 minutes of your life you won’t regret spending listening to this piece of music. Actually, I guarantee you’ll stick it on repeat. They’re a great band who, like a lot of other bands who emerged around the early “naughties” (I hate that word…) got overshadowed and almost forgotten. Interestingly, they really remind me of Manchester’s Puressence..another band that seems to have been forgotten these days (unless you live in Greece or Oldham, in which case they’re heroes).

Getaway (Slow Version) is available on The Freedom Fighers EP (2004).


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