Revere – The Escape Artist

This band was pointed out to my by the wonderful Humble Soul Records. Instantly they reminded me of Get Well Soon (Who, if you havn’t heard them, have a ruddy marvellous album by the name of Rest now, Weary head…). They possess a kind of post-Radiohead / Arcade Fire / demonic folk-rock epic energy that make me whack the volume right up, the hairs of my next stand on end and force me to lose myself and drown in an ocean of pure ‘whoa’.

Unsurprisingly, I get sent a lot of ‘Myspace bands’ by people, all claiming they’re the dog’s whatsits. Inevitably, of course, 90% of this stuff is pure crap. However, I trust Mr. Humble Soul’s judgement more than most and so was genuinely intrigued. And wow, was he right. What an absolute gem of a band. I’ve been listening to the few tracks they have online on repeat all evening, and can’t wait to hear more and see them live. You should do the same. Trust.

You can listen to songs by Revere here. Hard to choose a standalone best track, but to get a proper taste listen to The Escape Artist and Maybe In Time.

Revere play Mojo in Liverpool on April 5th and The Dulcimer in Manchester on April 7th. See you down the front.



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4 responses to “Revere – The Escape Artist

  1. They are such an amazing and hugely underrated band, you’re in for a real treat seeing them live soon! Couple of live reviews of them up on my blog (click my username).

    Also pleased to see another Get Well Soon fan, doesn’t seem like many people are aware of them. The new album ‘Vexations’ is pretty special too. There’s a bit on one track that reminds me a lot of Revere.

    Anyway, enjoy the gig 🙂

  2. I see you’re a David Ford fan Gareth. I work at Band on The Wall in Manchester, he did a wonderful show here before Christmas.

    Get Well Soon – great band indeed, they just don’t have a lot of exposure here. I came across them when I was in Germany, they’re fairly well known over there.

  3. Indeed, David Ford is superb, saw the London gig the day before that one!

    Saw Get Well Soon last night, it was superb, really hope they make it back to the UK soon. Hadn’t made the comparison with Revere until you mentioned it, but saw it even more in their live show, and a few of my friends thought the same.

    Anyway, if you weren’t aware yet Revere are playing Manchester on April 7th, spread the word!

  4. I am very aware – they’re playing a great little place called The Dulcimer. Looking forward to it.

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