Live: The Mandigans – Jabez Clegg

I’ve written about this band before – The Mandigans are a young (as in, still in school young) and ambitious band, a feel-good powerpop outfit with all the youth and energy you’d expect from a gang of lads having the time of their lives. This was, however, going to be their last ever show. Which is a shame.

The Mandigans write songs not about the ‘big’ issues, and in all honestly they’re probably not in it to be serious. It’s simple, honest, good pop music – songs about getting girls and having a good time, songs about being young and having the world at your feet. And, I ask, what’s wrong with that?

At times they look a little uneasy, not quite sure how to stand, or how to handle a mic properly but with this nervous naivety comes a lot of potential. They certainly have an ear for a catchy pop hook (see ‘The Girl Next Door’) and are actually quite accomplished musicians if you listen properly.

I’m sure each of The Mandigans will go on to be in successful bands in the future, if that’s what they want. And I wish them all the luck in the world with it.

Good, honest, unpretentious guitar pop. I’ll miss it.


Photo by Simon Lee.


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