Live: Revere – Leaf Tea Shop, Liverpool

I’ve written about Revere before. They’re an folk-influenced rock band based in London. An eight-piece mini rock orchestra who take influences from traditional folk stylings, as well as contemporary pioneering epic bands like Radiohead, Muse, Elbow and British Sea Power.

I had never seen them live before, but have been a fan of their music for a few months. Live, they are even more powerful than on record. In frontman Stephen Ellis, they have a performer who is a strange mish-mash of Guy Garvey and Ian Curtis – a mesmerising and seemingly possessed demonstration of sophisticated rock ‘n roll. Combine this with a whole string section, piano and quite brilliant percussion (way, way more than just ‘drums’) and you have a sound – a live presence – that defies the humble audience size. This is a band that should, and could, be absolutely huge. Think Pyramid stage at Glastonbury at sunset type huge. Music to send shivers down the back of your neck, this. Totally, and completely awesome.

Liverpool’s Leaf bar was, to be honest, deserted. The main audience seemed to consist of the other bands on the bill (of which there were too many). All very good in their own right but there was so much going on that each band only had a short space of time to play. I spent more time watching equipment being moved around than watching the music itself. Revere seemed to only play about 5 songs, which is a criminal shame considering how good they are.

Revere are currently on a UK tour in support of their new single We Won’t Be Here Tomorrow.

I urge you, go and see them – you’ll be blown away.

9/10 (Just a massive shame that the promoter didn’t give them longer on stage)


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