The Miserable Rich – Of Flight & Fury

The Miserable Rich are a band on the cutting edge of the explosive ‘nu folk’ scene that seems to have taken over the airwaves at the moment –  The Miserable Rich are taking the British folk scene by storm. This, their second LP, builds upon the intentions and direction of the first album – combining wondrous yet distinctive harmonics with inspired strings and sometimes dark, almost tongue-in-cheek lyricism with great effect.

The Miserable Rich, however, are not just a band. They are the cornerstone of Brighton’s Willkommen Collective, a group of artists and musicians who collaborate on various projects. Member groups include the aforementioned Leisure Society as well as Sons of Noel & Adrian, Shoreline among others.

The album, while forward looking, contains many elements from historical literature and fairytale. For example, in The Mouth of The Wolf, the lyrics include:

“If you’re afraid of the wolf, don’t go to the forest at night / the flash of teeth under the pale moonlight / I’m not afraid of scratches, I’m not afraid of bites, I’m not afraid of howling / at the light…”

Listening to this album is perfect for a summer’s evening – it reminds me of stories told as a child, of dreams and of nightmares. It is trip-inducing without having to resort to tired psychedelia cliché. A distinctly English, sophisticated and forward-thinking example of contemporary folk music that while paying homage to the past does not rely on it wholly for inspiration.

Of Flight & Fury is out on May 31st through Humble Soul Records.


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