The Safires – Epic in The Ordinary

The Safires are a group that combine the 90’s trip-hop with folk, acoustic guitar and drum ‘n bass inspired rhythm. Championed by composer and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire Nitin Sawhney, it’s clear why he took such a shine to them. The sounds on this record vary from traditional folk to dance and everything in between. This is all well and good, but what makes this album really quite special is that it remains cohesive throughout. With such a varied spectrum of influence, it would be very easy for the record to sound fragmented and compilation-like. What remains, however, is a well rounded, thoroughly pleasant and complete piece of work.

With a luscious female vocalist reminiscent of the wonderful Lou Rhodes [Lamb] Listening to The Safires is like sitting in a meadow in a summer sunset, the sound of the album akin to a honey-scented warm breeze swirling around and encapsulating the senses. This is a band that deserve success, and with endorsements and recommendations already coming in from all directions, The Safires are a band that will no doubt attain it.

Epic in The Ordinary is available as a free download from


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