Arcade Fire: We Used To Wait

Ah, good old Arcade Fire. A band consisting of pure sunshine. I remember seeing them at Glastonbury 2007 (the mud year). They came on the Other Stage, just as the sun was coming out, the rain was stopping and the cider began to, umm…flow…

Arcade Fire are a band with the unique ability to both uplift and have a dark, slightly sinister edge. This is particularly apparent in brand new track We Used To Wait. And when I say brand new, I mean brand new. Literally hot off the press today.

There are the familar Arcade Fire trademarks here – exploside drums, epic soundscapes and haunting vocals. However, gone are the (now overused) “ahh ahh ahh” trademark backing vocals, and everything seems to have been pared down to the bare essentials of what makes an Arcade Fire song, well, an Arcade Fire song. Particularly interesting are the repetitive piano chords that permeate the entire track – a nod to old horror movies and 80’s film soundtracks, at least to my ears.

If this is a sign of what is to come from Arcade Fire in the future then I’m intrigued – its still definitively them – there’s no revolutionary changes in direction here – but with a sign of maturity and evolution. Perhaps they could do with taking it a step further, but lets just see what else they come up with first.



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