Amoriste – Under the Hours of Satellite Towers

Amoriste are a delightful indiepop band from ‘Down South’. And for a bunch of southerners, they can’t half pen a tune. I have been championing this bunch for a couple of years now, since I saw them in their previous guise Soprano in the dingy and slightly terrifying Oldham Castle back in 2006. Since then, they’ve had a slight lineup and name change, but the acoustic, melodic and folk influenced sound remains.

Their latest release, a delightful EP by the name of Under the Hours of Satelling Towers demonstrates perfectly how this band are constantly developing their sound and maturing into an act that really do have the potential to be very successful. Opening track Saturday AM is a great balance between acoustic pop, catchy keyboards and warm, sun-kissed jangled guitar work. Following on, Let’s Talk is a heartwarming and emotional piano driven piece that goes further to show that there is far, far more to Amoriste than just happy acoustic pop music.

Standout track though has to be City Lights. A song that brings together elements from their other tracks and is complimented brilliantly by lead singer Liam Tolan’s vocals, that in this song particularly remind me of a young Morrissey, especially given the Johnny Marr-influenced perfect rhythmic guitars.


Under the Hour of Satellite Towers is released on July 15th on My Satellite Records. They play Night & Day on Tuesday, 20th July.


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