James Kelly – Lost EP

James Kelly is a young guitarist from Chorlton, Manchester. I’ve written about him on here before, when he played a storming set at the Dulcimer with the equally brilliant Walton Hesse.

James has been promising the release of the Lost EP for a number of months, and you know what they say about good things coming to those who wait? Well they were right in this instance. A great blend of flamenco style spanish classical guitar work, gutsy blues and indie-punk energy really brings this record together, combined with the at times tongue-in-cheek lyrics that lighten it up and prevent it from taking itself too seriously. Its clearly an album form a young, aspirational and clearly gifted young artist who has a lot of potential. A glimpse into the mind of someone who could quite easily become a rather big thing in Manchester. There really is something stirring down in Chorlton, it seems.

At times loud and punky (Punch Drunk Loving) and at times mellow and intricate (Let It Go / Not Tired) this EP shows some real signs of a diverse talent, with influences, as I can hear, coming as far apart on the musical spectrum as Franz Ferdinand, Dashboard Confessional and Jeff Buckley. No surprise really that the Lost EP has a punk tinge, considering it has been produced by Mark Mynett, former guitarist with cult Manchester metal band Kill II This.

This record is a great introduction to an obviously talented artist who will undoubtedly go on to produce even bigger and better things. Also considering his unique percussion section (kicking the living crap out of his guitar case while playing), James Kelly really is a one-of-a-kind artist who should be a rising star on the Manchester indie/folk circuit and beyond.


The Lost EP is released on 30th August 2010.


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