Gideon Conn – ‘New Bop Sounds’ album launch

Anyone who knows the Manchester indie circuit knows Gideon Conn. A real favourite and one of the true gentlemen of the music scene, Gideon has been gigging around Manchester and the surrounding areas for years now, and has developed quite the cult following. A mix of  hip hop, folk, brought together with a unique poetic charm that only Gideon can pull off.

Now with a full band and debut album New Bop Sounds released on Skinny Dog Records (I Am Kloot, Peter & The Wolf), Gideon Conn is going from strength to strength. His charming stage presence and heartwarming style of songwriting has paid dividends, with last night’s official launch of New Bop Sounds knocking the socks off a packed out Band on the Wall.

I have had the privilege to have seen Gideon’s music evolve over the last few years; what started out as a solo acoustic effort has grown, organically, into a full band setup that perfectly compliments his music. One of the signs of a truly great performer is their ability to captivate an audience. Gideon Conn oozes charisma and charm in spades, and it is this, coupled with his music that makes him one of the most likeable rising stars working today, and someone that never fails to put a smile on the face of everyone he meets.

If there is anyone on the Manchester indie scene deserving of continued success and recognition, then it is Gideon Conn.

New Bop Sounds is out now, priced £10.99

Photo by Jo Lowes.



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2 responses to “Gideon Conn – ‘New Bop Sounds’ album launch

  1. Karen

    Gideon is one of the most individual and soul warming performers I have seen in a good long while. Witty, insightful, romantic and above all an entertainer… I saw him hold a room of football fans in the palm of his hand with a rendition of ‘the man who sells fish’ … a raising star indeed…..

  2. stevie

    glad to see that Gideon is starting to get some much deserved props. every success to him

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