To Bury A Ghost – The Hurt Kingdom EP

To Bury A Ghost are a band that cross the boundary between post-rock, industrial punk metal and the spaceship doom sounds most associated with early Radiohead and Muse. While this disc is fairly short, a mere 5 tracks, there is a real statement of intent on display here: To Bury A Ghost are a serious band creating a serious noise, and the music they play defies their modest setup. Much like Revere and Hope of The States, To Bury A Ghost have a clear natural ability to create deep, complex and energetic rock music that has a timeless, cinematic and awe-inspiring quality.

From the opening bars of Birthday, with the swirling orchestral symphonic melody and speaker-smashing percussion sections it is very clear that this is a band to take seriously. The intensity of the music is further tightened by fantastic vocals. A strange cross between the whiskey soaked drawl of Jeff Klein and the falsetto cries of Matt Bellamy, the vocals are a real strong point throughout the record.

A perfect winter release – this is a record that is not suited to casual summer afternoons, but an intense, almost demonic sonic experience well suited to the dark, cold winter nights. Epic.

The Hurt Kingdom is released next month.


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