Live: Trentemøller Live – Academy 2 (25/10/2010)

Anders Trentemoeller is a Danish DJ and producer, who is renowned as being at the forefront of the new wave of intelligent minimal house/techno. He rose to prominence through his remixes, and breakthrough record The Last Resort was internationally critically acclaimed.

I’ve seen Trentemoeller a number of times, both live and DJ, and always been impressed by his ability to produce intricate, minimal electronic soundscapes out of nowhere. Especially live, his music translates perfectly, with the painstakingly precise electronic composition played out with brilliance by drummer Henrik Vibskov (who is a successful designer by day) and Mikael Simpson on guitars/bass.

While the music certainly measured up technically, the atmosphere in the half-empty Academy 2 sadly didn’t. The main problem was the frankly atrocious sound quality. The in-house PA system might (just) be up to the job of amplifying the sound of an average acoustic act or indie band, but when you have one of the world’s finest minimal techno artists in, that system just doesn’t cut it. It was way too quiet, lacking in bass and didn’t have the clarity required to hear some of Trentemoeller’s more intricate work.

The problem was compounded by the fact that most of the crowd seemed unreceptive, even bored, and with the venue being nowhere near sold out the whole vibe of the place was lacking in punch.

This was a shame as he played some very interesting music, that given another venue (perhaps even somewhere more formal like the Bridgewater Hall or RNCM) the night would’ve been much better.


Photo: Nina Mouritzen


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One response to “Live: Trentemøller Live – Academy 2 (25/10/2010)

  1. I’m a fan of the chap too and was there for the gig in the academy. It was much better than a 4/10 though. Perhaps the sound was 4/10 and the crowd, yeah, at least those not near the front, were a 4/10, but the guys on stage played exquisitely and had me enraptured.

    I also cannot agree about putting something like this in a formal place. This minimal techno, or whatever it is, demands a bit of dancing, or is at least best experienced on one’s feet. A chin-rubbing and body-reclining gig in the Bridgewater would almost certainly get this sub genre labelled as pretentious and rather to fond of itself, whilst seemingly missing the point of what its really for.

    Trentemoeller and his curious band get an 8/10 from me with the tacit agreement that I would love to hear them on a better sound system.

    Great blog btw.

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