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ANOTHER new Burial release – First solo 12″ in 4 years!

Earlier this week, Ego / Mirror dropped, a brand new collaboration between Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke that had the music press (okay, the leftfield electronica music press) in a frenzy.

Now, less than 7 days later, another new 12″ has been announced, which is to be the first solo release from Burial in 4 years. Titled Street Halo, and backed with NYC and Stolen Dog, the track is to be released on the Hyperdub label and comes out this Monday.

You can pre-order Street Halo now from Boomkat, priced £5.99. Click here.


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Party time: Frater Clothing launch party with Vice Magazine

New Manchester fashion label Frater are throwing a bash at The Deaf Institute on 3rd April to show off their new Spring/Summer range. Now, this isn’t a fashion blog and I am most definitely not Manchester’s answer to Gok Wan (darling), but having had a look at some of their line, they have some really nice items in the collection – in particularly I like the deck jackets and ‘Apollo’ tshirts.

Anyway, the party is being thrown in conjunction with Vice magazine, and there’s live music from Brooklyn-based Japanther and Ninjasonik. We’ve also been told there will be “loads of nice shit” given away for free to the first 150 people through the door. Nice shit, now thats my favourite kind of shit.

Even if the idea of a fashion party doesn’t float your boat, the entry fee is well worth it to see Japanther alone – their NY anti-folk/lo-fi vocals and poppy hooks combined with garage rock guitars make for very good listening indeed:

Tickets are £8 and are on sale now. Click here. Tickets are also on sale from Gaffs, that grotty newsagents in Fallowfield.

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Gig of the week: Polar Bear @ Sound Control – TONIGHT!

Jazz is not a Four Letter Word.

Polar Bear, along with contemporaries Portico Quartet, have done what nobody thought possible. Made jazz cool again. Maybe it is the fact they completely shredded the old guard to pieces, or maybe it is the complete lack of pretentious cliquey self-righteousness that plagues so much of the jazz scene. Maybe it is the frantic rock n roll rhythms of genius drummer Seb Rochford. Either way, they’ve done it. Polar Bear are contemporary jazz, and are a group that have not shied away from dividing opinion among the jazz press and community.

Tonight, Polar Bear will be performing in Manchester – off the back of last year’s critically acclaimed show at Band on the Wall, they return, and this time at Sound Control. This is a show not being held in a whiskey soaked smokey jazz den a la Matt & Phreds (though we do love that place!), but in a full-on club setting. This is jazz with a hip-hop flavour. This is for The New Guard. Expect it to be loud, insane, and if Polar Bear’s previous shows have been anything to go by, completely game changing. If you think you don’t like jazz, you ain’t heard jazz like this.

This should be the only gig in town tonight. Miss it at your peril.

Polar Bear play tonight at Sound Control. Tickets are £10 and are available from Ticketline & Skiddle. More Info.

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Breaking News – Brand new Burial/Four Tet/Thom Yorke collaboration 12″

We’ve just had a rather exciting bit of news come through on the batphone.

A brand new two track collaboration 12″ between Burial, Four Tet and Thom Yorke entitled Ego / Mirror is set to drop later this week through Four Tet’s own Text imprint. Four Tet and Burial have worked together previously of course, and the mixture of urban 2-step and IDM, combined with Yorke’s ability to create haunting yet beautiful contemporary electronica bordering on the neo-classical is getting us very excited indeed. Tune into Rinse FM tonight to hear the first airplay. Time for a night in, I reckon.

Update: For those of you who missed the airing last night, some kind soul managed to rip it to YouTube:

Ego/Mirror is getting its first airplay tonight on Rinse FM, between 11pm-1am on the Four Tet vs Floating Points show. Click here to listen.

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Kode9 – Time Patrol Dub

Kode9 is the production moniker of Steve Goodman, the boss of the hugely influential Hyperdub label, university lecturer and sonic warfare expert.

Under the name of Kode9, Goodman exploded onto the emerging dubstep scene in 2006 with his debut LP Memories of the Near Future, featuring The Spaceape. The dark, spacial urban soundscape beats, with a UKG influenced edge and haunting monotone minimalist vocals of The Spaceape was a work of genius, and along with labelmates such as Burial (no introduction needed) propelled Hyperdub into the label du jour, and made Goodman one of the most respected names in the genre.

This weekend, a brand new Kode9 track has dropped, courtesy of the good folks at XLR8R. A stripped down version of previously released Time Patrol, this demonstrates Goodman’s wider abilities as a producer – with the Spaceape’s dark vocals gone, the track is completely transformed into more of an orchestral electronica piece. While this has not necessarily for the better (or worse) it is enough to keep us talking until the second LP ‘Black Sun’ is released.

Kode9 is set to DJ at Drumclinic, Jabez Clegg, Manchester on 26th March. Tickets £7 – click here.


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