Kode9 – Time Patrol Dub

Kode9 is the production moniker of Steve Goodman, the boss of the hugely influential Hyperdub label, university lecturer and sonic warfare expert.

Under the name of Kode9, Goodman exploded onto the emerging dubstep scene in 2006 with his debut LP Memories of the Near Future, featuring The Spaceape. The dark, spacial urban soundscape beats, with a UKG influenced edge and haunting monotone minimalist vocals of The Spaceape was a work of genius, and along with labelmates such as Burial (no introduction needed) propelled Hyperdub into the label du jour, and made Goodman one of the most respected names in the genre.

This weekend, a brand new Kode9 track has dropped, courtesy of the good folks at XLR8R. A stripped down version of previously released Time Patrol, this demonstrates Goodman’s wider abilities as a producer – with the Spaceape’s dark vocals gone, the track is completely transformed into more of an orchestral electronica piece. While this has not necessarily for the better (or worse) it is enough to keep us talking until the second LP ‘Black Sun’ is released.

Kode9 is set to DJ at Drumclinic, Jabez Clegg, Manchester on 26th March. Tickets £7 – click here.



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