Party time: Frater Clothing launch party with Vice Magazine

New Manchester fashion label Frater are throwing a bash at The Deaf Institute on 3rd April to show off their new Spring/Summer range. Now, this isn’t a fashion blog and I am most definitely not Manchester’s answer to Gok Wan (darling), but having had a look at some of their line, they have some really nice items in the collection – in particularly I like the deck jackets and ‘Apollo’ tshirts.

Anyway, the party is being thrown in conjunction with Vice magazine, and there’s live music from Brooklyn-based Japanther and Ninjasonik. We’ve also been told there will be “loads of nice shit” given away for free to the first 150 people through the door. Nice shit, now thats my favourite kind of shit.

Even if the idea of a fashion party doesn’t float your boat, the entry fee is well worth it to see Japanther alone – their NY anti-folk/lo-fi vocals and poppy hooks combined with garage rock guitars make for very good listening indeed:

Tickets are £8 and are on sale now. Click here. Tickets are also on sale from Gaffs, that grotty newsagents in Fallowfield.


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