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Marcus Intalex – 21

Marcus Intalex, D&B pioneer, Soul:r label boss and the main man behind the legendary club that is Soul:ution has finally, finally dropped his debut solo album, a mere 21 years into his critically acclaimed career.

(Appropriately) titled 21, the album is my no means a straight up, full drum n bass album. The record flows, shifts and creates an atmosphere that, if anything, is looking forwards into the future of bass driven electronic music rather than retrospectively at the career of one of the genre’s leading figures. That is not to say there aren’t any familiar faces in there. 21 features appearances from Calibre (“the greatest producer ever to walk the planet” according to one reader), S.P.Y, Fierce, Lynx, DRS and the sultry vocals of Riya. 21 is liquid music – the listening experience is one of complete immersion. Each beat, echo or vocal seems to ripple and influence the next, with a continuous flow that draws influences from techno and more spacial dubstep sounds.

This is not an intense, full on album. 21 is a record that has had time to breathe, mature and evolve naturally. 21 is proof that good things do indeed come to those who wait.

Celebrating the release of 21, Marcus will be DJing at Soul:ution at Band on the Wall along with Calibre, S.P.Y and DRS on the mic on Friday April 29th. Tickets are available here.


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Tom Vek – A Chore

Not sure this is worth waiting almost 6 years for, but good to see Tom Vek return nonetheless. Now LCD Soundsystem are no more, the prize of electro-indie darling is up for grabs. I eagerly anticipate the second LP.

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City Reign – Daybreak

Fewer things brighten up my weekend more than receiving proper music in the post when its raining (Reigning!) outside – and Daybreak is a particularly good example. A short, sharp, beautifully crafted bit of sunshine country-pop in a bright yellow jiffy bag. Lovely.

City Reign cite Ryan Adams as a main influence on their music (even naming their band after his sublime track City Rain, City Streets), and though it is apparent, they have created their own path of country infused garage rock, with a more punky vibe that I’d associate more with Uncle Tupelo than Whiskeytown. There is a real 90’s Americana renaissance happening in Manchester at the moment, with groups such as The Travelling Band, Walton Hesse and the unforgettable Blind Atlas being poster boys for the movement. City Reign, with Daybreak, have firmly cemented their place among this bunch of excellent bands, yet while fitting in firmly with the current scene, their sound has a wonderful DIY lo-fi texture that really sets them apart.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for their future releases, and definitely can’t wait to check them out live.

Daybreak is released on May 9th on  Car Boot Records.


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