City Reign – Daybreak

Fewer things brighten up my weekend more than receiving proper music in the post when its raining (Reigning!) outside – and Daybreak is a particularly good example. A short, sharp, beautifully crafted bit of sunshine country-pop in a bright yellow jiffy bag. Lovely.

City Reign cite Ryan Adams as a main influence on their music (even naming their band after his sublime track City Rain, City Streets), and though it is apparent, they have created their own path of country infused garage rock, with a more punky vibe that I’d associate more with Uncle Tupelo than Whiskeytown. There is a real 90’s Americana renaissance happening in Manchester at the moment, with groups such as The Travelling Band, Walton Hesse and the unforgettable Blind Atlas being poster boys for the movement. City Reign, with Daybreak, have firmly cemented their place among this bunch of excellent bands, yet while fitting in firmly with the current scene, their sound has a wonderful DIY lo-fi texture that really sets them apart.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for their future releases, and definitely can’t wait to check them out live.

Daybreak is released on May 9th on  Car Boot Records.



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