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Wilco – I Might / I Love My Label

The new rather beautiful Wilco 7″ has landed! I Might kicks off with a garage rocky, crunchy distorted guitar sound that is a departure from the last few Wilco records, which relied more on electronic exploration and subtle soundscapes. This is the sound of a Wilco stripped down and the volume turned up, and harks back to debut record AM and their beginnings as the seminal group Uncle Tupelo.

This is the first single to be released through their own imprint, dBpm, and is available now on limited release via Solid Sound Fest ‘Wilcopalooza’.


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Brand new material from The Whip!

The Whip, the Manchester based electro-dance-rock group have been a bit quiet since their debut record ‘X Marks Destination‘ dropped back in 2008. Well, now they’re back – a brand new album entitled Wired Together has been announced, and they’ve released a cheeky sampler to give us a taste of what to expect.

From what I’ve heard of the new material, it builds upon their reputation as a band that creates loud, energetic and very danceable electronic rock music, and if brand new track ‘Secret Weapon’ is anything to go by, then the new album should be something pretty damn special indeed.

You can listen to some new Whip tunes now by clicking here.

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Seams – Tourist

Seams is the pseudonym of multi instrumentalist and producer James Welch. Welch is an artist who is riding the crest of the current renaissance of intelligent, cerebral electronic music, and is clearly a young man with a lot to give. By far the standout track from this collection has to be the sublime Nachtmusik, a blend of natural found sounds and subtle, refined synth noise that slowly build and are brilliantly and precisely looped in such a way as to combine perfectly. Reminiscent of experimental sound artists before him such as Matthew Herbert, Chris Clarke, Aphex Twin and perhaps more significantly Eastern flavoured sound artists like Takagi Masakatsu, Seams could well be a real driving force, should he get that important breakthrough to a wider audience (Chris Bohn, you listening?).

Seams is due to perform at the Star & Garter, Manchester this Wednesday, June 15th. Tickets here.

Listen to Seams’ music here.

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