Najia Bagi (To Sophia / The Electronic Exchange) solo album launch

Having already established herself on the Manchester music scene as the singer in acoustic-jazz/soul outfit To Sophia and electro-dub duo The Electronic Exchange, Najia Bagi knows a thing or getting up on stage and singing her heart out. Well, now, she’s done the whole rockstar going full circle thing and ‘gone solo’, having decided to make a record in a quieter, more introspective direction . Comprising of a simple piano and string quartet setup, combined with her incredible voice, this new solo project could be the best showcase yet for what is clearly one of Manchester’s finest vocal talents.

If anything teaser track The Fall is anything to go by, this new record should be a real treat. By stripping back the heavy dub rock influenced instrumentals of her previous work and working with a minimalist, almost new classical style setup, her incredible voice is allowed to flourish.

Najia performs at The Dulcimer, Chorlton, on Thursday November 10th. Info here.


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